on snowy pittsburgh, and some wonderful friends..

I knew when I moved to PA that winters would be harsh…but every year I act absolutely perplexed when there’s more than an inch of snow on the ground. I mean, what the heck is this supposed to be…the arctic?! Perhaps the frustration is somewhat fueled by the fact that i live in a room that used to be an attic, and there is absolutely no heat up there. The only thing this weather is good for, besides laying in bed in five sweatshirts while feeling sorry for yourself, is snowboarding. That and pictures.

So obviously I couldn’t resist going out in the snow with the Instax today. Nothing a good old Polaroid can’t fix. Pittsburgh isn’t a particularly beautiful city in the winter, mostly because it’s so grey and dreary. Unless it snows, in which case it looks like something out of a Sundance film. That being said, enjoy some shots from today:

ImageThe alley by my house

ImagePop of color in the Southside.

ImageDowntown, shot from Duquesne’s campus. I apologize for the possible ghost apparition on the left side (I kid, I kid).

Now for the wonderful friends section. This lovely lady right here, also known as Thing 1, looks THIS good during finals week. Give the rest of us a chance, won’t ya? Forever inseparable, this picture was snapped by Thing 2. You can’t have one without the other!


Thing 1.

And lastly… I had to share this one, because it warmed my heart. My friend Harry from Ireland had never seen a Polaroid before… EVER! So I snapped a picture of him and even wrote the date on it, old school style. The picture below is of him holding it (please note the ridiculously excited smile on his face).

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 5.13.56 PMHarry the Irishman.

It’ the little things, people. The little things!


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