on this ungodly weather, polaroids, and coffee shops…

It’s really, really cold outside. A lovely -6 degrees Celsius. But of course that’s useless here, and when I tell someone it’s -6, they don’t believe me. Because it is, in fact, about 21 degrees outside. There are only a handful of countries that use Fahrenheit, Belize being one of them (for the sake of randomness, I’m assuming). But that’s a discussion for another day, preferably when I am too cold to get out of bed and decide to have a major bitch fest about the weather in Pennsylvania. Now that would be a post worth reading.

I woke up this morning and decided, like most college students on a Sunday, that I had done absolutely nothing worthy during weekend. Hadn’t picked up a single book (except for fun, because there are still people who read for fun), and with exams coming up, I probably should have. If only International Law doctrines were as delightfully written as Anna Karenina…

Determined to brave the snow and get some work done, I packed up my things and walked over to Delanie’s in the Southside. I recently acquired one of those nifty Fuji Instax cameras, so I decided to bring it along for its first ever winter walk. Apart from having frozen fingers, it was a successful endeavor. (Excuse my poor attempt at taking pictures of the pictures… Ain’t nobody got time for a scanner).

image(6)One of my lovely friends who agreed to brave the weather with me.

image(5)The abominable snow woman….AKA me. I even have the body language going for me. Always in character. Always.

Back to Delanie’s… Amazing coffee, enough said. Friendly baristas. Cozy atmosphere. Perfect to get work done. Except instead of doing that, I’m sitting here writing this post. Perhaps it wasn’t the brightest idea to start a blog the week before exams….?

Anyway, everyone stay cozy, double up your socks, and pour some Bailey’s in your hot chocolate.

: )



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