on napkins…

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Two of my good friends and I went out to a mexican place for lunch today. The food was absolutely delicious. The nachos could’ve fed a small village, and the queso was perfect. Top all of that with home made tortilla chips….BLISS.

But the food wasn’t even the best part. My two friends, let’s call them Thing 1 and Thing 2, promptly placed their napkins on their laps as soon as we sat down. (Cue expression of surprise).

Now, I have nothing against people’s table manners here…Except that I do. I have everything against their table manners, because most people don’t have any. Plain and simple. And unfortunately, I’ve been caught up in the whole thing.

I peel shrimp with a fork and knife. I’m that person. As far as holding cutlery goes, I’ve never really understood why the majority holds a fork with their right hand, and keeps the knife out of the equation (unless it’s like, super resilient steak). I’ve seen people push food with their left hand onto their forks, instead of using a knife. Why…just why? Knifes were invented for a reason. To cut things….and help push them onto your fork. So you don’t have to look like a cave person pushing food with your hands. Right…?

When i was growing up, every time I held my fork with one hand and let the other rest on my lap, I got yelled at. Something along the lines of “Did you lose your arm in the war?”, “No…”, “Well then, hold your knife.”

Sadly enough, I’ve given in to some of this. Sometimes I don’t use my knife at all…And I’ve developed a tendency to consider almost everything finger food. Such is the life of an expat who’s been Americanized. (Sorry, mom).

My point is, thanks Thing 1 and Thing 2. You’ve reminded me I need to start prioritizing certain things again. Oh, and the company wasn’t so bad either.


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