lots and lots of snow.

It’s been snowing in Pittsburgh for the last couple of hours. The Southside, which usually has about as much charm as a dry cactus, looks like something out of a Disney movie.

I’ll post a little bit of everything on this blog. The title came to me after listening to Bruce Springsteen’s hit, “Born in the USA”. Except…I wasn’t. But I’ve been here for four years and I’m starting to feel much too Americanized for my own good. So, come along as I chronicle my last year and a half in the US, and a few other travels in between.



2 thoughts on “lots and lots of snow.

  1. I believe that this is a wonderful idea for someone that likes to write as you do. Congratulations for the idea…and yes I forgive you about your manners because I know that you know how to do it…

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